An interview with filmmaker and director, Don Falsario II

Photo from Don’s Linkedin

Don Falsario II is a filmmaker and director based in the Philipines. He has a BA in Media Production from De La Salle University-Dasmariñas. His seven-year-old career started with a local boutique production house where he began with video editing. This paved the way for him to explore and master videography, photography, motion graphics and colour grading- all of which ultimately led to directing. Since 2015 he has been the Director of the creative boutique production house, Bullet Manila.

In this brief interview, Don expresses his view on the role of audiovisual communication in the context of tourism and how a festival like ART&TUR can contribute resilience and sustainability of the industry, while also discussing the history of his collaboration with the festival and revealing a little about himself and his projects.

What do you think is the role of audiovisual communication in the context of tourism?

D: Audiovisual communication encapsulates what travel and tourism are all about. It fulfils what needs to be seen and heard. It is the closest one can get to a place without being physically there. Especially now in the age of visual bombardment with social media, how audiovisual communication is harnessed can make or break a tourism campaign.

How can ART&TUR contribute to increasing sustainability and resilience in tourism?

D: I think the festival is essential now more than ever. With the vaccines now giving us hope to return to our old normal lives, there is no better time to show what we have missed – our connection to others and our desire to roam free again. ART&TUR can serve as a channel to remind everyone how travel should not be taken for granted, how we can religiously apply all the precautions needed and still enjoy the place we’re visiting.

How many years have you collaborated with ART&TUR and what would you highlight about this collaboration?

D: I first competed in the 10th edition of ART&TUR in 2017, where our film, TUBBATAHA A National Treasure, won two awards. I was then invited by Francisco to be part of the jury for the 12th and 13th editions. I was thrilled with the invitation as this was my first time collaborating with esteemed professionals in their field in judging several excellent tourism films and documentaries from all over the globe.

TUBBATAHA A National Treasure

D: I really liked how the jury panel featured such a diverse selection of creative professionals, professors, scholars and many others, thus creating a well-rounded selection of films both with creative excellence and great functionality to boost tourism. It was one of the best learning experiences, as I was able to also observe how different regions have their unique takes in filmmaking, all of which I can also apply to my craft.

I was able to witness Art&Factory in its second year and how this refreshing program showcased an outsider’s view of Portugal, all made in a very short amount of time. Seeing the films made with all these challenges made me appreciate the filmmakers’ craft even more.

Tell us a little about yourself and your projects.

D: I am a film director based in the Philippines. My body of work is an eclectic mix of current digital films (with a strong focus on documentary-based films featuring non-actors, tourism films, among others). I have worked with both global and local clients including the BBC, the United Nations, Unilever, to name a few.

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