An interview with Portuguese travel blogger, Filipe Morato Gomes

Photo from Filipe Morato Gomes’ blog Alma de Viajante

Filipe Morato Gomes, has worked in multimedia for over 10 years before creating one of the most respected travel blogs in Portugal Alma de Viajante. Passionate about the world of communication – from photography to cinema, to writing and advertising – he travels the world in search of stories and people that bring his chronicles to life. As a traveller, he has been in more than 100 countries, made two long trips around the world and, whenever possible, he also travels indoors to share the best that Portugal has to offer.

In this brief interview, Filipe expresses his view on the role of audiovisual communication in the context of tourism and how a festival like ART&TUR can contribute resilience and sustainability of the industry, while also discussing the history of his collaboration with the festival and revealing a little about himself and his projects.

What do you think is the role of audiovisual communication in the context of tourism?

F: There is no doubt that audiovisual communication is very important for tourism promotion, especially if it’s seen as a complement to all other methods of communicating a destination, service or hotel unit.

Concretely, one of the great added value of audiovisual communication is the enormous potential to convey more emotional messages, creating empathy and strong and lasting emotional ties with potential visitors.

In sum, a good tourism film can have an extraordinary impact on a destination, not only to attract more visitors – with its economic impact – but also to encourage more responsible behaviour, respect for nature and the reduction of the ecological footprint that tourism invariably entails.

What do you think is the contribution of a festival like ART&TUR to the resilience and sustainability of the tourism industry? 

F: Similarly to the other CIFFT network festivals, ART&TUR is a competition, so, albeit indirectly, it can contribute to raising the quality of the tourism films produced, thereby helping destinations and operators linked to tourism to communicate better in times of great uncertainty and difficulties.

The recognition given by the 2020 edition of films such as “A Vida é Agora” (Life is Now), from Turismo Centro de Portugal, is the perfect example of how ART&TUR can enhance the reach and public notoriety of well-achieved campaigns, created to encourage this resilience.

Since when have you been collaborating with ART&TUR and what would you highlight about this collaboration?

F: I have been following ART&TUR for many years but, in fact, the first time I was directly involved was in 2020, an edition in which, as Presidente of ABVP (Association of Portuguese Travel Bloggers), I participated as speaker and presenter of a group of films.

Unfortunately, it was an atypical year, so I could not feel the human warmth and the exchange of experiences that I imagine are the strengths of the festival. However, I would highlight its excellent organization must, as well as the good welcoming by the city of Viseu and, of course, the people I met personally. Despite all the constraints dictated by the pandemic, it was a very enriching experience, so I will not miss the next editions of the festival.

Tell us a little about yourself and your projects.

F: After my undergraduate degree at the University of Minho, I worked in multimedia for more than ten years, before creating Alma de Viajante, which happily became one of the most respected travel blogs in Portugal.

I am, above all, passionate about travel and the world of communication in general, including photography, writing, design and advertising. Over the past few years, I have travelled the world in search of stories and people who bring my chronicles to life, having been in more than 100 countries and made dozens of trips, including two long-term world tours. But I do not stop travelling when in Portugal, a country that I consider one of the most fascinating on the planet, having therefore created Hotelandia, a project dedicated to disseminating the (many) good examples of Portuguese hospitality businesses.

More recently, I developed a special curiosity for the world of video. I’m working on professionally improving my knowledge, so that perhaps one day, I can also communicate through this medium. I’m eager to see where this new language will take me…

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