O ART&FACTORY – AMAZONIAN CONNECTION é um desafio inovador concebido por uma equipa entusiasta (direção do Festival ART&TUR e Instituto Cultural Amazônia Brasil) para equipas de filmmakers entusiastas da Amazónia, com o propósito de consubstanciar os seguintes objetivos estratégicos:

ART&FACTORY – AMAZONIAN CONNECTION is an innovative challenge designed by an enthusiastic team (ART&TURFestival Direction and the Amazonia Brazil Cultural Institute) for teams of enthusiastic filmmakers about Amazonia, with the purpose of embodying the following strategic objectives:

  • To support the development of the low density territories of the Central Region of Portugal and the Brazilian Amazon, through the production of films of homonymous cities existing in Portugal and the Amazon;
  • Support the enrichment of the portfolio of directors and producers of innovative films;
  • Sensitize the public to the importance of the natural and cultural heritage of cities that, although they do not know each other, share the same name.
  • Create networking dynamics, involving creative filmmakers from two countries that share the same language and a vast cultural-historical heritage.
  • Promote the ART&TUR Festival and the AMAZÔNIA NOVOS PORTUGAIS project as innovative projects, reinforcing their notoriety and their commitment to the values ​​of sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Strengthen cooperation between the CPFC – Centro de Portugal Film Commission and the homonymous Portuguese and Amazonian municipalities;
  • Support the production of new audiovisual content associated with the ART&TUR Festival, through a creative and healthy competition, but avoiding social dumping in the audiovisual sector, safeguarding the competitiveness of local companies.

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