O ART&FACTORY – AMAZONIAN CONNECTION é um desafio inovador concebido por uma equipa entusiasta (direção do Festival ART&TUR e Instituto Cultural Amazônia Brasil) para equipas de filmmakers entusiastas da Amazónia, com o propósito de consubstanciar os seguintes objetivos estratégicos:

ART&FACTORY – HERITAGE” is a competition between audiovisual production teams, national or foreign, with the objective of promoting the Heritage of the Center of Portugal and which will elect the best films on Gastronomy of the Region of Coimbra, Schist Villages and Historic Villages of Portugal. The main objectives of this initiative are:

  • Support the development of the Central Region of Portugal through the national and international promotion of its cultural heritage, in particular the gastronomy, the Historic Villages and the Shale Villages.
  • Strengthen the cooperation between the CPFC – Centro de Portugal Film Commission and the municipalities of the Central Region of Portugal.
  • Create new promotional films about places and heritage values ​​little known to the international public.
  • Use the gastronomy of the Coimbra Region and the cultural heritage of the villages of the Center of Portugal as a strategic asset for socioeconomic and socio-cultural development.
  • Create networking dynamics, involving creative filmmakers from all over the world, and promoting the territorial brands of the Center of Portugal and its heritage, as well as the diversity of film locations in the region.
  • Raising public awareness of the importance of the heritage of the Central Region, enhancing its attractiveness and the value of the territorial brands that depend on it.
  • Improve the portfolio of creative filmmakers from different countries of the world, who will become “ambassadors of the heritage of the Center of Portugal”.
  • Support the production of new audiovisual content associated with the Festival through a creative and innovative competition.

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