People’s Choice Awards: vote on your favourite films!

The ART&TUR Festival presents a new feature in this 12th edition, by implementing a public voting system, which offers the public the opportunity to decide prizes.

Available now at: https://tourfilm-festival.com/en/votacao-publica/ from September 9th to October 9th

Take the opportunity and vote for your favourite film(s)!

Public voting is divided into 3 categories, which will result in 3 different prizes:
• Best Tourism Film (International Competition)
• Best Tourism Film (National Competition)
• Best Documentary

To vote, the process is simple: go to the link and choose one of 3 ways to sign in: Facebook, Google or Twitter. After entering, choose the category and film(s) you want to vote for and click “like”.

The top-rated films in each category will be awarded the People’s Choice Award.

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