Filmmakers cross oceans and continents to compete for best promotional film in Torres Vedras

Imagine a professional audiovisual production team facing the challenge of having to make a good film about a region you have never visited in just 6 days and on a budget, using only your ingenuity and art, as Camões would say…

Can a film produced under these precarious conditions compete in international exhibitions on an equal footing with big-budget productions?

It was to answer this question that the ART&TUR Festival created in 2018 the ART&FACTORY initiative: a 6-day competition in which teams led by professional filmmakers with four members each competed for the production of the best film dedicated to the Historic Villages or Schist Villages of the Center of Portugal.

Teams from Japan, India, South Africa, Brazil, the Netherlands / Romania and Pakistan / USA responded to the challenge. The winner of the ART & FACTORY 2018 competition was Studio Eureka’s Brazilian team, with the film “Inside” (see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWP-k8OAQhg), which then won awards at Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival (Osaka, Japan), Terres Travel Festival in Spain, and Tourfilm Zagreb, Croatia, last Friday. Note that the awards obtained in Japan, Spain and Croatia are due solely to the quality of the film, as the jury of these festivals do not even dream under what conditions it was produced.

Once proven that “ingenuity and art” do miracles in the field of tourism audiovisual, the ART&TUR Festival organization decided to repeat the recipe.

This time the focus of the competition is the municipality where the ART&TUR Festival is held: Torres Vedras and its natural and historical-cultural heritage (gastronomy, beaches, surfing, wines and vineyards, Torres Lines, etc.). From October 17 to 23, four foreign teams compete for the “Audiovisual Creativity Award – ART&FACTORY 2019” trophy, three of which already participated last year: the Brazilian team, led by Marco Calabria; Japan’s team, led by Tsuyoshi Kigawa; and the Pakistan / US team, led by Imran Khan and Cedric O’Bannon. A new Japanese team, led by Naoyuki Matsudaira, has also decided to show their value.

The ART&FACTORY films will be premiered at the ART&TUR Festival International Jury at Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras on October 24, starting at 5:50 pm, with free admission to the public.

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