Regulation – Amazonian Connection

1. Regulatory conditions

The Art&Factory – Amazonian Connection will be a contest for the direction and production of films for teams of filmmakers (maximum of 8 teams, with 3 to 4 elements each) that have the appropriate logistic conditions to produce films in homonymous municipalities of Amazonia and Portugal.

The terms of the contest are as follows:

  • Between March 1st and April 30th, teams of filmmakers with the appropriate profile will be selected to take on and complete the challenge of successfully integrating the two stages of the Art& Factory – Amazonian Connection competition.
  • The teams must perform 02 (two) films in a pair of homonymous municipalities, one of them being located in Amazonia and the other in Portugal in the formats of Promotional Film of 2-3 minutes or Short Documentary of up to 7 minutes.
  • The teams of filmmakers who possess the appropriate and necessary technical and logistical resources, as well as the time available, to carry out the two films are considered to have an adequate profile.
  • The Amazonia Brazil Cultural Institute, in close articulation with the Direction of the ART&TUR Festival, defined the municipalities of Amazonia that are eligible for this competition. They are: Barcelos, Santarém, Bragança, Soure, Óbidos, Viseu, Ourém, Alenquer, Porto de Mós, Aveiro and Melgaço.
  • Each team will represent a specific Amazon municipality and will produce a film about that municipality and then another film in the corresponding homonymous Portuguese municipality. In this way, there’s a double competitive motivation: in addition to competing directly with each other, teams will be the representatives of the cities from which they originate and, therefore, will promote competition among municipalities.
  • The first film will be held during the month of August in the respective Brazilian municipality of Amazonia. All teams will have a total of 01 (one) week for the filming, editing and post-production, not being allowed to exceed this period of time.
  • The second film will be held in the Portuguese city of the same name in the week preceding the ART&TUR 2019 Festival. The Festival will take place in Torres Vedras from 22-25 October ( Filming in Portuguese municipalities should take place between October 18-20, with delivery of the film until 00h on October 23, so that the premiere of the two films integrate the program of the festival and take place in the presence of the International Jury (session scheduled for October 24, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.).

The international jury will announce the following awards:

  • 1st Prize for the Best Film of Homonymous Municipality of the Amazon
  • 1st Prize for the Best Film of Homonymous Municipality of Portugal
  • 2nd Prize for the Second Best Film of Homonymous Municipality of the Amazon
  • 2nd Prize for the Second Best Film of Homonymous Municipality of Portugal

In addition to the prestige inherent in the trophies awarded by the international jury of the ART&TUR festival, the winning films will benefit from worldwide promotion of their portfolio by free registration in an international network of similar festivals that are ART&TUR Festival partners:

In addition to the winning films, the other films will also be placed at the said partner festivals, should the jury consider that they are of sufficient quality to deserve this distinction.

Through Centro Portugal Film Commission and in partnership with the Portuguese homonymous municipalities, the ART&TUR Festival will ensure the following conditions for the teams of filmmakers during their stay in Portugal from 17-26 October:

(i) a production assistant;

(ii) free hospitality (accommodation and meals);

(iii) Transportation between accommodation and shooting sites.

  • The costs related to air tickets will be the responsibility of the teams and/or their sponsors.

2. Additional conditions

  • The leader of each team must ensure that the rights to use the soundtracks included in the films are properly safeguarded.
  • The leader of each team and the director of the Festival must sign a broadcast rights-sharing agreement. This agreement also details the entities that should be included in the credits list for the respective film.
  • In the ART&TUR 2019 Award Ceremony, to be held on October 25th, the winners will receive their Art&Factory Excellence Awards – Amazonian Connection 2019 from the hands of a high dignitary of the Portuguese State.
  • All other films will receive an honorable mention and will be valued and properly identified in promotional actions of the festival.
  • The opening frame of each film must contain an explicit mention of the participation in Art&Factory – Amazonian Connection 2019.
  • All films will be promoted free of charge at major international film forums through the network of festivals that are members of CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals: and will also integrate the package of films to be used in promoting the destination Center of Portugal and tourist destinations in the Amazon.
  • All members of the production teams will receive a certificate of participation.