Regulations – Art&Factory

1. Terms of participation

According to the regulation, the candidate teams must:

a) Prove that they have experience in the field of audiovisual production.

b) Accept the conditions presented in the regulation.

d) Be willing to pay for the trip from their country / place of origin.

e) Have all the necessary equipment to produce their videos.

f) Take responsibility for the copyright of the soundtracks used in their films.

g) Express their willingness to share the rights of use and transmission of the films produced under ART & FACTORY to any of the organizations that integrate the network of partners of this contest.

2. Logistical and material support to the teams

The support given to each team includes:

(i) production support technician (if possible from the chosen municipality)

(ii) accommodation;

(iii) food;

(iv) transport between the place of accommodation and filming locations.

3 Eligibility: content, filming locations, formats and number of teams

In order to ensure similar conditions for all the teams, but without limiting the respective freedom of decision, the following principles have been defined:

a. Eligible film locations: The film locations are chosen by the participants from a list relatively restrict with municipalities that had manifested receptivity in supporting this initiative in terms of logistics and film permitting.

b. Eligible types of content: Regardless of the chosen theme, the content of the films may include the following topics: 1. “Heritage”; 2. “Experiences”; 3. “Living culture”; 4. “Flavors”; 5. “Paths and routes”, 6. “Or the combination of two or more of these topics”.

c. Eligible formats: each team has the option of choosing one of two formats:

  • Promotional film, lasting 2 to 3 minutes;
  • Short documentary, lasting 6 to 7 minutes.

4. Evaluation and awards

In each category in competition, one or two prizes will be awarded, taking into account the following circumstances:

  • A 1st and 2nd prize award if the competition for a given theme has 6 or more teams.
  • Only a 1st prize, if the competition for a given theme only has between 3 and 5 teams.

The films will be premiered on October 22, in a special session of the ART&TUR Festival before the International Jury of the Festival. The jury, which consists of 23 renowned experts from 14 countries, will meet immediately and decide the prizes, keeping the decision under strict secrecy until its announcement at the ART&TUR 2020 Awards Gala, to be held the next day.

5. Contractual aspects and image

Being the films co-produced in the context of a competition organized by the ART&TUR Festival and with the support of the managing institutions of territorial brands whose heritage is intended to promote, each film produced should contain:

  • In the opening:
    • Logo of CPFC – Centro de Portugal Film Commission;
    • Logo of ERT Centro de Portugal;
    • Logo of the ART&TUR Festival;
    • Logo of the municipality(ies) where the film was produced.
  • In the final credits, should include:
    • Names of the individual persons who, on behalf of the institutions, collaborated in the making of the film;
    • Designation of the institutions involved in the Audiovisual Creativity Award – ART&FACTORY 2020.

The rights of transmission of the films produced in Art & Factory – Heritage will be shared by the entities that participated in its coproduction.

6. Jury composition and film evaluation

The “Audiovisual Creativity Award – ART&FACTORY 2020” jury is composed by all the members of the ART & TUR Festival’s international jury present at the premiere session of the contest, as well as three AHRESP representatives (or three experts who decide to invite).

7. Winner Announcement and Awarding

The result of the decision will be placed in a sealed envelope, whose opening at the ART & TUR 2020 Awards Gala will be handled by AHRESP Management, who will announce the winner.

The design of the trophy to be awarded to the winner of the “Audiovisual Creativity Award – ART&FACTORY” will be decided by AHRESP’s Board of Directors, and may delegate this responsibility to the organization of the ART&TUR festival.

8. International promotion of the films produced 

The winning films and other films that the Direction of ART&TUR Festival considers to have high quality will be promoted free of charge, in important international cinema forums, through the network of festival members of CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals), and will integrate the video package to be used in the promotion of the destination Center of Portugal.