Regulation – Heritage

1. Terms of participation

Art&Factory – Heritage is a competition between audiovisual production teams, national or foreign, with the objective of promoting the Heritage of the Center of Portugal and which will elect the best films on Gastronomy of the Region of Coimbra, Schist Villages and Historic Villages of Portugal.

Each team must consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 elements, with the duration of the shooting scheduled for 4 days, starting on 17 October.

Candidates must:

a) Prove that they have experience in the area of ​​audiovisual production.

b) Accept the conditions presented in the regulation.

c) Choose one of the themes of the competition (Gastronomy of the Region of Coimbra, Historic Villages, Schist Villages).

d) Be willing to pay for their travel from their country / place of origin.

e) Have all the equipment necessary for the production of their videos.

f) Assume responsibility for the copyrights of the soundtracks used in their films.

g) Express the willingness to share the rights of use and transmission of the films produced under Art&Factory – Heritage to any of the organizations that integrate the network of partners of this contest.

h) By September 20, the participating teams must submit a shooting plan indicating the necessary film locations in order to obtain licenses.

2. Logistical and material support to the teams

The support given to each team by the managing institution of the corresponding territorial brand (CIM Coimbra, ADXTUR, AHP ou AHRESP) must include:

(i) production support technician;

(ii) accommodation;

(iii) food;

(iv) transport between the place of accommodation and filming locations (if the team does not have its own car).

3 Eligibility: content, filming locations, formats and number of teams

In order to ensure similar conditions for all the teams, but without limiting the respective freedom of decision, the following principles have been defined:

a. Eligible film locations:

  • Theme “Gastronomy of the Region of Coimbra”: any of the 19 municipalities that integrate the Intermunicipality Community of Coimbra: Mira, Cantanhede, Figueira da Foz, Montemor-o-Velho, Mealhada, Coimbra, Mortágua, Penacova, Oliveira do Hospital, Tábua, Arganil, Vila Nova de Poiares, Pampilhosa da Serra, Góis, Lousã, Miranda do Corvo, Penela, Condeixa-a-Nova and Soure.
  • Theme “Historic Villages of Portugal”: any of the 12 villages that integrate the Network of Historic Villages of Portugal, which may include the paths and places of Interest between those villages: Almeida, Belmonte, Castelo Mendo, Castelo Novo, Castelo Rodrigo, Idanha-a-Velha, Linhares da Beira, Marialva, Monsanto, Piódão, Sortelha and Trancoso.
  • Theme “Schist Villages”: any of the 27 villages that integrate the network of Schist Villages, which may include routes and some places of interest between those villages: Água Formosa, Aigra Nova, Aigra Velha, Aldeia das Dez, Álvaro, Barroca, Benfeita, Candal, Casal de São Simão, Casal Novo, Cerdeira, Chiqueiro, Comareira, Fajão, Ferraria de São João, Figueira, Gondramaz, Janeiro de Baixo, Janeiro de Cima, Martim Branco, Mosteiro, Pedrógão Pequeno, Pena, Sarzedas, Sobral de São Miguel, Talasnal and Vila Cova de Alva.

b. Eligible types of content:

Regardless of the chosen theme, the content of the films may include the following topics:

  1. “Heritage”; 2. “Experiences”; 3. “Living culture”; 4. “Flavors”; 5. “Paths and Routes”, 6. Or the combination of two or more of these topics.

c. Eligible formats – each team has the option of choosing one of two formats:

  • Promotional film, lasting 2 to 3 minutes;
  • Short documentary, lasting 6 to 7 minutes.

The film produced must be delivered to the organization of the ART&TUR Festival until 22:00 on October 23, through the following e-mail:

d. Minimum number of teams: if a given topic does not meet a minimum of 3 teams, the competition based on that theme will not be held.

4. Evaluation and awards

The international jury will decide and announce the following awards:

a) Best films about Gastronomy of the Region of Coimbra (1st and 2nd prize);

b) Best films about Schist Villages (1st and 2nd prize);

c) Best films about Historic Villages of Portugal (1st and 2nd prize).

In each category in competition, one or two prizes will be awarded, taking into account the following circumstances:

  • A 1st and 2nd prize award if the competition for a given theme has 6 or more teams. 
  • Only a 1st prize, if the competition for a given theme only has between 3 and 5 teams.

The films will be premiered on October 24, in a special session of the ART&TUR Festival before the International Jury of the Festival. The jury, which consists of 23 renowned experts from 14 countries, will meet immediately and decide the prizes, keeping the decision under strict secrecy until its announcement at the ART&TUR 2019 Awards Gala, to be held the next day, October 25.

In addition to the regular members of the ART & TUR Festival Jury, two representatives of each of the following entities will be invited to the Jury of this competition:

  • Regional Tourism Entity of the Center of Portugal
  • Association of Hospitality, Restoration and Similar Institutions of Portugal (AHRESP)
  • Intermunicipal Community of Coimbra
  • Centro de Portugal Film Commission (CPFC)
  • Touristic Development Association of the Network of Historic Villages of Portugal
  • Touristic Development Agency of the Schist Villages

The winning films and other films that the Direction of ART&TUR Festival considers to have high quality will be promoted free of charge, in important international cinema forums, through the network of festival members of CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals), and will integrate the video package to be used in the promotion of the destination Center of Portugal.

5. Additional conditions

  • The leader of each team must ensure that the rights to use the soundtracks included in the films are properly safeguarded.
  • The leader of each team and the director of the Festival must sign a broadcast rights sharing agreement. This contract also details the entities that should be included in the list of credits of the respective film, namely the names of the individual persons who, in representation of the institutions, collaborate in the realization of the film and the designation of the institutions involved in Art & Factory – Heritage 2019.
  • At the ART&TUR 2019 Awards Gala, to be held on October 25th, the winners will receive their Art & Factory – Heritage 2019 Excellence Awards from the hands of a high dignitary of the Portuguese State.
  • All other films will receive an honorable mention and will be valued and properly identified in the festival’s promotional actions.
  • In the opening frame of each film, an explicit mention must be made of the participation in Art & Factory – Heritage 2019, as well as the logos of the CPFC – Centro de Portugal Film Commission, ERT Centro de Portugal, AHRESP, entity managing the territorial brand (CIM Coimbra, ADXTUR or AHP) and the ART&TUR Festival.
  • All films will be promoted free of charge at major international film forums through the network of festivals that are members of CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals: and will also integrate the video package to be used in the promotion of the destination of the Center of Portugal.
  • All members of the production teams will receive a certificate of participation.