“The international exchange improves future results, this is important for every filmmaker and ART&TUR is a perfect example of how to do it. The award makes the whole team pride and is the reward for a long and strenuous work. It’s not the first award for “The Mallorca Adventure”, but the Festival and the people have made it a very special one. We’ll always remember these days and hope to come back soon.”

Andreas Ewels

Film writer and Director of ZDE

“There’s a lot of high quality documentaries and promotional films that you can find reunited in ART&TUR, so it’s very good to enjoy the different outcomes, to exchange ideas among filmmakers and producers, and really to have a different view of the fabulous world we happen to live in.”

Susana Miguel

Algarve Regional Tourism Board

“ART&TUR is, for my work, an exciting competition in which I have to play against the real commercials. Participating in the Festival is one of the many events that ennobles us directors and simultaneously offers an international platform for creative people from all over the world.”

Jeremy JP Fekete

Author & Director

“ART&TUR is an incentive for professionalism in the development of new tourist communication products, where creativity and innovation are encouraged, generating more and more visibility to the issue and tourist destinations.”

Hélènemarie Dias Fernandes

Fundação de Turismo do Pantanal de Corumbá, Brasil

“ART&TUR Festival is very important to show our work on wolf conservation and their situation in our country. ART&tUR is a way to reach more public and show the value of the wolf as an important ecotourism element. The festival is a prestigious festival worldwide in the tourist film circuit.”

Francisco Petrucci-Fonseca

Grupo Lobo

“The multi-culture, different fields, different countries make ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival successful. The ART&TUR can be a form to propaganda the Taroko tribal indigenous culture for Taiwan.”

Chen-yi Yu

Taroko National Park

“ART&TUR is a fantastic way not only to show your projects. They are an incredible platform to exchange experiences and test the evolution of the narrative: tendencies, formats…”

Santi Valldepérez

Filmsnòmades SCP

“ART&TUR is a perfect bridge between many aspects: Tourism and people who work in the industry, Film as a “voice” and an “experience” and the worldwide viewers that consume broadcast (TV and online).”

Farook Singh

Executive Producer Music Voyager

“As tourism is a booming sector, the ART&TUR for me is very important, because this is an opportunity to show the beauty of a country in a professional way.”

Rudi Zisterer

Videographer & Photographer, Media Z

“In a general way, ART&TUR will certainly contribute for the promotion of a country image. On the other hand, and taking advantage of the various award categories, the festival allows the promotion of a region in its various forms and specificities. ART&TUR is also a great ooportunity as a “benchmarking experience”, as it allows contact with other different promotional films.”

Vítor Devesa

Coordinator of Marketing and Communication of CCDR-N

“We find in ART&TUR a great way to promote and develop a key sector, which is also a significant part of our business.”

Miguel Puime

Copywriter, Communication & Digital & Contents, DEC-BBDO

“Our participation in ART&TUR is important as it provides us with the perfect environment for stimulating our creativity by watching other films produced in and outside the country. Having a film nominated at ART&TUR Festival is a privilege in itself, with our work being appraised by a jury that specializes in the area of tourism films.”

David Mendes

Director, Ideias com Pernas

“ART&TUR is an important contribution in promoting cultural and/or natural heritage of a country or a region. Additionally, ART&TUR is great as they also give strong support and encouragement for creative and artistic productions.”

TAP Portugal

“Participating in ART&TUR is an excellent and very welcome opportunity for a national tourism organisation to increase its visibility on various different channels, be that through traditional or social media. We are very proud to be among the winners at ART&TUR. European awards like ART&TUR help us attract attention in the European public sphere – and to approach potential guests from the continent.”

Sandra Babey

Switzerland Tourism

“ART&TUR gives the opportunity to see different approaches and an interesting overview of the trends used by the different actors to catch visitors’ attention. ART&TUR is a serious appointment on the European tourism promotional activity.”

Cristina Alovisetti

General Manager at Museo Nacional del Prado Difusion

“We’ve always wanted to show the films to audiences around the world and with tourism being a very critical element to the story, it only seemed natural to submit the films into a tourism-related film festival. We hope it gives audiences a new perspective to a region of Vietnam most often seen through tourists’ eyes rather than from the villagers themselves, who call the area home.”

Kyle Sandilands


“It is a presented recognition of the work that we enjoy and the customer likes. The film manages to shape perceptions, creating new ones and reinforcing old ones.”

Carlos Cardoso

CEO & Founder H2COM

“ART&TUR It is an excellent way to release a film. It’s an element of communication that must integrate any disclosure plan.”

Artur Cardoso

Independent Filmmaker

“Through participating in ART&TUR, we know many kinds of tourism all over the world. ART&TUR helps us open our eyes and expanding our awareness in the world.”

Michael Mao

Hi-Scene World Enterprise Co., LTD

“ART&TUR is a space where public can feel the vibe emanating from the community, a picture of the real side of material and immaterial values of places, people and time.”

Patrick Alves

Independent Filmmaker

“In our opinion ART&TUR is very important because there are incredible films with a lot of hard work put into them and it’s a great way to showcase the variety of different works present in such competitions. Having recognition for our work is really important and it is an honor to be a part of the ART&TUR competition.”

Patrícia Pinto


“ART&TUR provides an opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work, because the generalist TV channels don’t have time in their schedule for this genre of work. The success of ART&TUR relates mainly to people who work in it and they receive as anyone all participants joining this good cinema, success is released.”

José Paulo Matos dos Santos

Independent Filmmaker

“The audiovisual industry is working very hard in this area, so ART&TUR is a good platform to show our work.”

Luis García de Armas

Producer, Director, and post-productor, Kromacanarias

“ART&TUR is really important in linking all factors that affect tourism and engaging the potential traveller as they now have an opportunity to see what they like before making a choice. The award is very important in all aspects: First it recognizes our hard working in producing the film, second, it promotes the destinations, the people and the cultures and it will also motivate us to work harder.”

Pedro Mendoza

Independent Filmamker

“The most important issue will always be the sharing of knowledge. I have no doubt ART&TUR improves our projection as film producers in this field.”

Pedro Homem

Independent Filmmaker

“ART&TUR is a great benchmarking tool, it helps us being more aware of the place our work occupies in the industry and how it can improve.”

Pedro Rodrigues

“This was our first participation in a Tourism Film Festival and winning the two honorable mentions only motivates us to promote even more our touristic assets. ART&TUR is a great opportunity to see what other companies and private and public institutions are doing to promote their main touristic assets.”

Sónia Martins

Municipality of Proença-a-Nova

“The ART&TUR Festival, as well as all the initiatives that assess and reward what Portugal does best, in this case in the audiovisual and tourism areas, are commendable and of major importance to us.”

Catarina Correia


“In our specific case, and this is surely a common idea, this award in the ART&TUR Ceremony has a very special meaning, particularly because the films we presented at the competition were produced entirely using our own resources, most of the time falling short from those used in production companies.”

Sérgio Mateus

Municipality of Setúbal

“After a year of winning great international awards with our first ever animated tourism film, we were very happy to win at ART&TUR, the only tourism film festival we applied. It was also a personal honor to win on a Portuguese festival, being myself Portuguese, but owning a Hong Kong company. Not every festival gives you international recognition, and ART&TUR is one of the ones that do.”

João Seabra

Independent Filmmaker

“Winning an award at ART&TUR Festival allowed us to become Facebook stars, at least among our friends! Honestly, it has made room for some important marketing projects. Let’s hope next year we can do even better!”

Nelson Azevedo e Luís Frasco

Turn It Visual

“It makes all the sense to organize ART&TUR, so that we are able to get acquainted with the best international examples in this field and produce promotional films that effectively attract and please potential tourists and visitors. Winning an award at ART&TUR, which enjoys great prestige in Portugal and abroad, is something that greatly pleases us, and it represents the recognition of the excellent work developed by a multidisciplinary team for the promotion of an event that has become an international reference: the Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria.”

António Ferreira

Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira

“ART&TUR is a great way to follow the trends and know how the business is going. The multiculturalism and the possibility to have references of other destinations and other ways to see the business and the needs that drive our consumers to adopt some behaviors is vital to our growth.”

António Brandão

Bensaude Hotels

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