Reinforcement of the partnership between TAP and the ART&TUR Festival, leveraging the promotion of tourism cinema in Portugal, on long-haul flights

Applications have already been opened for the 16th Edition of the ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival, which will take place this year in Caldas da Rainha between the 24th and 27th of October, in an initiative that aims to promote tourist destinations through audiovisual, and that this year is reinforced by the revalidation of the partnership between ART&TUR and  TAP (Transportadora Aérea Portuguesa), which once again accepted the challenge of publicizing the national winners of the Festival on long-haul flights.

In the opinion of Francisco Dias, director of the Festival, this is a very important contribution, as it increased the visibility of the winners of previous editions of ART&TUR and from now on it will be a complementary “showcase” of the Festival, being positioned for audiences that are very receptive and actively interested. in destination Portugal.

For TAP’s in-flight entertainment platform managers, this is the reinforcement of a natural contribution that arises from their mission to make Portugal known throughout the world, with a strong focus on the opportunity to communicate to the more than 4 million passengers who fly annually on TAP planes, which have this entertainment platform during their trips. This contribution adds value to the continued and consistent work carried out by the ART&TUR Festival over the last 15 years, valuing and rewarding the best audiovisual tourism productions made all over the world.

While passengers on TAP long-haul flights will have access to a selection of winning films from the ART&TUR Festival, all Festival participants will have at their disposal, for 4 days, a more diversified display of creative productions from dozens of countries and regions .

To surprise the audiences that will flock to the UNESCO spa and creative city of Caldas da Rainha, the organization of the Festival invites all creative people who are committed to audiovisual tourism to send their productions.

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