Rules and Regulations of ART&TUR are issued in Portuguese and English. In case of doubt, the Portuguese version is valid.

Please fill out the registration form very carefully. The data provided will be used in certificates, diplomas, and listings of the Festival. Once you have submitted the registration form you can edit it from your account.

The same film can be entered into different categories. In this sense, we encourage and invite multiple registrations. In the enrollment and registration process, it is mandatory to carry out the following sequential steps:

  • Access to FilmFreeway ( and submit the films to the platform;
  • Complete the registration form;
  • Pay the entry fee for each film or campaign submitted.


2.1 Sections

ART&TUR Festival accepts films in three different sections:

a) Promotional Films – This section will include films produced for specific clients (official tourism entities, municipalities, companies or other organizations) and their objective is to promote a specific product, service, or territory. Its general proposal is to have a persuasive impact on the public, seducing them.

b) Educational Films – The main purpose of educational films is to disseminate new ideas or share some kind of knowledge with the public, and they are usually films that are part of more general communication programs. They can serve as educational tools for school or professional education or just to introduce an innovative process in society or in a specific industry.

c) Documentaries and TV Reports – These are usually films created by independent producers or by television channels with the primary objective of informing about a certain topic. These films can be both apologetic and critical of a given phenomenon. In the field of tourism, documentaries play a very useful role, as independent productions, they adopt a critical distance that allows them to denounce negative situations that need correction.

Each of the Festival’s three sections (Promotional, Educational, and Documentary) may include films in any of the formats and focus on any of the themes listed below.

2.2 Formats

• Commercials (up to 1’)
• Advertising Campaigns
• Promotional Videos (up to 15’)
• Animation Films
• Corporate Videos
• Short Documentaries (up to 30’)
• Long Documentaries (up to 90’)
• TV Programs
• Independent Travel Videos (up to 25’)
• WebDocs

2.3 Categories

• Arts & Creativity – films about art festivals, fine arts (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture), visual arts, decorative arts, performing arts, applied arts, artist biographies, art and culture, and others.

• Music & Dance –  concerts and music festivals, documentaries on all music genres (African, Asian, avantgarde, blues, Caribbean, country, electronic, house, flamenco, fado, folk, hip hop, jazz, Latin, pop, R&B and soul, rock) and films about all dance genres (ballet, modern, hip-hop, ballroom, folk dance, musical theatre, cabaret, screen dance); documentaries about the history of musical bands, biographies of musicians, others.

• Culture & Heritage – UNESCO heritage (World Heritage Sites, World Intangible Heritage, Biosphere Reserves), cultural heritage, history & heritage, cultural events, museums and exhibitions, heritage interpretation, ethnography and society, indigenous communities, biographies, legends and rituals, religion and religious practices.

• Tourism Destinations – Cities; Regions; Countries; Film Locations.

• Tourism Products – Cultural Tourism, Religious Tourism, Mountain Tourism, Rural Tourism; Gastronomic Tourism; Ecotourism; MICE; Medical Tourism; Wellness Tourism, Wine Tourism; etc.

• Tourism Services – Hotels & Resorts; Restaurants; Tourist Recreation; Tour Operators; Sightseeing; etc.

• Adventure & Expeditions – Long-distance Trails; Pilgrimages; Routes; Trekking, Unique Experiences;

• Sports & Leisure – Active Tourism; Hallmark Sporting Events; Climbing, Mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Extreme Sports; etc.

• Environment and Ecology – Nature and Wildlife; Preservation of Biodiversity; circular economy projects.

• Sustainable Tourism Issues – Response to Covid-19, Social Responsibility, Ecolabels; Tourism Certification; Tourism Planning; Eco-mobility; Waste Reduction; Community-based Tourism; Best Practices in Tourism Management, monitoring of destinations, etc.

• Innovation in Tourism – technological innovation (intelligent tourism, digital applications for tourism, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc.) or social innovation (creation of new tourism products, initiatives to train local actors, creative tourism).

• Climate Change – Awareness and reflection on the consequences of global warming, in particular its numerous impacts on habitats and the living conditions of populations, as well as the mitigation efforts that have been implemented.


Each entry must be labeled with:

  • Name | full address | contact | tax number
  • Title | goals | synopsis | locations | duration | format | year of production
  • Section | categories


All films submitted to the Festival must have been produced after January 1, 2023.


The official languages of the Festival are English and Portuguese.

In the International Competition, registrations are accepted in any language provided that the following requirements are met:

  • Subtitles or voice-over in English;
  • Synopsis written in English (complete scripts are not accepted);
  • The film must have the subtitles inserted.

In the National Competition, we recommend that the films have subtitles or voice-over in English since the Jury of the ART&TUR Festival is international.


The films that wish to participate in the ART&TUR Festival have 2 phases to do it:

  • Phase – Early Bird Offer – ends on April 30, 2024 – includes specific discounts for the films submitted in the Festival during this phase.
  • Phase – Standard Submission – ends on June 30, 2024.

Regardless of the date of registration, all requested materials, as well as the respective films, must be in the hands of the organization on June 30, 2024.


Please certify to send all requested materials for each of the films entered. The films enrolled in the ART&TUR Festival must have at least the following or similar requirements:

  • Full HD (1920×1080 px), 16:9;
  • HD (1080×720 px), 16:9;
  • Video Codec: H.264;
  • Audio Codec: AAC;
  • No copy protection + no loop
  • Delete all region and security codes.

Films must be submitted during the filling of the registration form.


Unsubscribing is not allowed. Payment of registration fees must be made on the FilmFreeway platform, at the time of submission, using one of the following means:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit card

In case you are having issues with the payment or the submission, please contact

Registration fees and payments:

In the case of multiple registrations, a single payment can be made with the total value of the films submitted.

Payment of the registration fee must be made immediately after the submission of the film. The entry fee or any other payment is non-refundable and not subject to any legal recourse.

For Portuguese films or when the theme is about Portugal, there are 2 competitions at the ART&TUR Festival: the National Competition and the International Competition. These films can be entered in the National Competition and/or in the International Competition.


Submission periodNationalInternationalNational + International
Early bird offer
(até 30 April)
Standard submission
(até 30 June)


Submission periodNationalInternationalNational + International
Early bird offer
(até 30 April)
Standard submission
(até 30 June)


The international jury is composed of professionals and experts from the fields of Audiovisual and Cinema, Tourism and Marketing and Communication.

In the National Competition, the jury awards prizes (1st and 2nd place) to the 2 best films in each thematic category. It also awards the prize of best film of each Region and the Grand Prix.

In the International Competition, the jury awards the prizes in the thematic categories (1st and 2nd place) of the section Promotional Films, Educational Films and Documentaries & TV Reports

In the overall competition of the Festival, the jury also awards the following prizes:

  • Grand Prix:
    • Grand Prix ART&TUR 2024
    • Grand Prix Section Promotional Films
    • Grand Prix Section Educational Films
    • Grand Prix Section Documentaries & TV Reports
  • Technical Awards:
    • Best Commercial (up to 1’)
    • Best Advertising Campaign
    • Best Corporate Video
    • Best Promotional Film up to 15’
    • Best Animation Film
    • Best Documentary up to 30’
    • Best Documentary up to 90’
    • Best TV Program
    • Best Independent Travel Video
    • Best WebDoc
    • Best Original Soundtrack
  • Special Awards:
    • Best Iberian Film
    • Best European Film
    • Best American Film
    • Best Asian Film
  • Prizes in thematic categories: If 6 or more films have been entered in a given thematic category, prizes will also be awarded to the two best-ranked films (1st and 2nd places according to the jury ratings). If only 3 – 5 films have been entered in a given category, only the 1st place will be awarded. When in a thematic category only 1 or 2 films are entered, no award will be assigned (however, depending on the film content, the jury can recategorize a given film if the change is beneficial for the entrant – see article 12).

Arts & Creativity – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(A1) Art Festivals Films
(A2) Fine Arts (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture)
(A3) Visual Arts
(A4) Plastic Arts
(A5) Decorative Arts
(A6) Performance Arts
(A7) Applied Arts
(A8) Biographies of Artists
(A9) Others

Culture & Heritage – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(B1) UNESCO sites (World Heritage Sites; Immaterial World Heritage; Biosphere Reserves)
(B2) Cultural Heritage
(B3) History and Heritage
(B4) Cultural Events
(B5) Museums and Exhibitions
(B6) Heritage Interpretation
(B7) Ethnography and Society
(B8) Native Communities
(B9) Biographies
(B10) Legends and Rituals
(B11) Religion

Music & Dance – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(C1) Concerts and Music Festivals
(C2) Films about any kind of music genres (African, Asian, Avant-Garde, Blues, Caribbean, Country, Electronic, House, Flamenco, Fado, Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock)
(C3) Films about the History of Music Bands
(C4) Biographies of Musicians
(C5) Films about any kind of Dance Genres (Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Folk Dance, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, Screen Dance)
(C6) Dance Festivals and Contests
(C7) Others

Tourism Destinations – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(D1) Tourism Destinations – Cities
(D2) Tourism Destinations – Regions
(D3) Tourism Destinations – Countries
(D4) Tourism Destinations – Film Locations
(D5) Smart Destinations

Tourism products – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(E1) Cultural Tourism
(E2) Ecotourism
(E3) Wellness Tourism
(E4) Mountain Tourism
(E5) Religious Tourism
(E6) Rural Tourism
(E7) Gastronomic Tourism
(E8) Meetings, Incentives, Congresses & Events
(E9) Others

Hospitality – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(F1) Hotels & Resorts
(F2) Restaurants
(F3) Tourist Recreation
(F4) Tour Operators
(F5) Sightseeing

Aventura & Expedições – 1st and 2nd place in the following categories:
(G1) Long distance trails
(G2) Pilgrimages
(G3) Routes/routes
(G4) Trekking
(G5) Unique experiences

Sports & Leisure – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(H1) Active Tourism
(H2) Hallmark Sporting Events
(H3) Climbing
(H4) Mountaineering
(H5) Mountain Biking
(H6) Extreme Sports

Environment & Ecology – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(I1) Nature and Wildlife
(I2) Preserving Biodiversity
(I3) Preserving Natural Habitats
(I4) Natural Parks and Protected Areas
(I5) Circular economy projects

Sustainable Tourism Issues – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(J1) Corporate social responsibility
(J2) Ecolabels
(J3) Tourism Certification
(J4) Tourism Planning
(J5) Eco-mobility
(J6) Waste Reduction
(J7) Community-based Tourism
(J8) Best Practices in Tourism Management
(J9) Destination monitoring

Innovation in Tourism – 1st and 2nd places in the following categories:
(K1) Smartness in Tourism
(K2) Apps for Tourism
(K3) Augmented Reality in Tourism
(K4) Artificial intelligence
(K5) Creation of new tourism products
(K6) Capacity-building initiatives for local actors
(K7) Creative Tourism

The films that competed in the Terres Travel Festival ( and ART&TUR Festival 2021 automatically compete for the IBERIAN (Best Film of the Iberian Peninsula) prize.

The jury may award special prizes. Winners who can’t attend the Festival and want their trophy at the end of the Festival will be able to do so. To do this, simply inform the organization and pay for processing and shipping costs. The amount of these expenses will be communicated to you by the organization after showing interest in obtaining the trophy. After receiving proof of payment, the trophy will be sent by post.


When registering a film in the Festival, the participant assures the ownership of all the rights inherent to the registration and the access to those same rights during the period of the Festival. The registration guarantees that the rights of use held by the authors, copyright owners, and other agents involved in the production of the signed film, except for the rights protected by the companies holding the rights of exhibition, were legitimately acquired and the Festival reserves the right to use, not prevented by copyright or other rights of third parties.

When a participant registers a film, it transfers to the Festival the rights to use the entry, specifically the right to display the film in public, either in whole or in part, or to distribute it in whole or in part in “shows” or equivalents competitions. This also applies to photographs/images provided for the Festival. All use transfers mentioned above are valid internationally.


The works entered in the competition will be evaluated in advance and the winners will be notified in advance. The presence of the winning participants in the Award Ceremony is strongly recommended. The decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal. The decisions of the jury and the organization of the Festival are final and are not subject to any legal recourse.


The Festival reserves the right to reclassify the films by referring them to other categories when deemed appropriate. The Festival declines any responsibility for entries of films that are classified in the wrong category or enter the Festival registrations after the deadline stipulated for this purpose.

The Festival’s liability is limited to circumstances of willful or negligent conduct that apply only in the event of loss or damage of a submitted work. The Festival organization accepts no responsibility for the cancellation of the Festival due to force majeure and beyond its control.


The Festival reserves the right to display the works submitted in a “show” or equivalent event and to disseminate them in a medium deemed appropriate by the Festival. This also applies to photographs/images provided to the Festival. Participants transfer to the Festival all rights applicable to the above initiatives when the film is submitted. The Festival reserves the right to use all sound and image recordings made during the Festival for advertising purposes in any medium deemed appropriate by the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to exclude entries from the competition.

By submitting a film to the Festival, the participant accepts the regulations of the contest and all its rules, and the participant shall be entirely responsible for any damages, whether due to his or her rights or by third parties, caused by the use of his or her registration or by false information provided. The place of exclusive jurisdiction for any litigation arising out of or relating to this regulation shall be Leiria. The personal data provided will not be disclosed or assigned to third parties.

14. CIFFT Ranking List – World’s Best Tourism Films

“ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival” is an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT. Since 2008 the festival has integrated a circuit that brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals on four continents and altogether makes this competition the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative for Travel Video Marketing.

All films that won an award in the international competition’s tourism section will be part of the CIFFT Ranking List. At the end of the year, this ranking determines the Top of the World’s Best Tourism Films in each of the six thematic Rank Lists.

The thematic categories are: Tourism Destination – Cities; Tourism Destination – Regions; Tourism Destination – Countries; Tourism Services; Tourism Products; and Independent Travel Videos;

The rating is expressed on a scale from 2 to 13. The film receives points according to the award obtained at the festival.

Award NamePoints
Grand Prix13
Best Production (Best Documentary, Best Short Doc, Best Promotional, Best Commercial, Best Video Campaign)10
1st prize/Gold9
2nd prize/Silver7
3rd Prize/Bronze5
Arts & Craft (Best Director, Best Photography, Best Editing, Best Script/Storytelling, Best Original Music, Best Sound Design, etc.)5
Finalist Certificate4
Special Award/Certificate2
National Grand Prix5

Special Notes:

  1. In case that a film receives more than one award, only the highest award will be taken into account for the rank list.
  2. The awards obtained at the CIFFT candidate festivals do not count for the CIFFT Rank List.
  3. Regarding the National Competition in some of the festival members, only the Grand Prix Winner will be taken for the CIFFT Rank List. 
  4. The CIFFT Rank List will be updated and published on CIFFT website, as authorized by each entrant, the week after the Awards Ceremony of each festival.

You can check the CIFFT Rank List through this link:

Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the best tourism films. Check the link below to meet the other festivals in the circuit.

CIFFT Festival Members

For more information about the Ranking list or the CIFFT circuit, please contact:

ART&TUR 2024

Lousã, 22 – 25 October

Lousã is the chosen village to showcase in 2023 the best films from Portugal and around the world.

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