International Tourism Film Festival

  • Are you a director/producer?
  • Do you have a company in the area of communication and/or audiovisual?
  • Do you promote tourism destinations?
  • Do you work in the tourism industry?
  • Do you have promotional films, advertising campaigns, documentaries or television programs?

Then this is the Festival you are looking for!

Competitive Sections

Promotional Films

This section will include films produced for specific client (DMO, companies or other organizations) and their goal is to promote a given product, service or territory. Their general proposal is to get a persuasive impact on the audiences, seducing them.

Documentaries & TV Reports

These are usually films created by independent producers or by television channels with the primary objective of informing on a given topic. These films can be both apologetic and critical of a given phenomenon. In the field of tourism, documentaries play a very useful role. The fact that they are independent productions gives them the critical distance that allows them to denounce negative situations that need correction.

Each section can include films of any of the formats and focus on any of the themes listed on the link below


ART&TUR 2022

Ourém, 25 – 28 October

Ourém is the chosen city to showcase in 2022 the best films from Portugal and around the world.

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