International Tourism Film Festival

24 – 27 October 2023, Caldas da Rainha

Since its 1st edition in Barcelos in 2008, the ART&TUR Festival has effectively fulfilled its mission of making known to the world the best audiovisual productions in Portugal and in the world.

As a forum for sharing experiences, the ART&TUR Festival has achieved a high international recognition, thanks to the quality and quantity of films that it distinguishes annually, as well as its integration into a worldwide network of similar festivals: CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals) that annually awards the best tourism film worldwide, among all the films that travel the international circuit of 14 festivals.

From 2018, ART&TUR Festival rights were transferred from APTUR to Centro de Portugal Film Commission (CPFC). Associated with this change, and thanks to an agreement between the CPFC and the Regional Tourism Entity of Center of Portugal, the ART&TUR Festival will now be held in the Central Region, roaming through the various municipalities of the Center of Portugal.

Message from the president of the municipality of Caldas da Rainha

From Caldas da Rainha to the world, from acknowledged tourism audio-visual productions at national and international levels, we have scheduled a meeting with the participants of ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival, in an inspiring and creative venue, that knows how to host so well.

The tradition of hospitality dates back to the creation of Caldas da Rainha, with the foundation of the world’s first Thermal Water Hospital at the end of the fifteenth century by Queen D. Leonor´s behest, created exclusively with therapeutic indications centred on the thermal waters.  Since then, the city has welcomed visitors to the benefits of its thermal waters, as well as its legacy and heritage that endures to this day.

Caldas da Rainha is a UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Arts for its centuries-old ceramics tradition. Today, tradition and contemporaneity meet in the new languages of design and designer ceramics. Those who visit us are surrounded by the artistic wealth that connects with the city and the artistic community, offering a unique opportunity to experience creativity and culture.

Magnificent scenery, the municipality of Caldas da Rainha is distinguished by its natural landscape, heritage and people. It is, therefore, a location of excellence for ART&TUR, in a co-production of Centro de Portugal Film Commission, Tourism of Central Portugal and the Municipality of Caldas da Rainha, with the city and its community playing a major part, together with all the visitors and participants of the Festival.

It will be a privilege to receive you all in our city. Welcome.

Vítor Marques
President of the Municipality of Caldas da Rainha

The Municipality of Caldas da Rainha

The story goes that, one day, on the way to Batalha, Queen D. Leonor, afflicted for a long time by a wound that would not heal, stopped here and confirmed the propagated wonders of these thermal waters, ordering the construction, the following year, of a Hospital. It was the 15th century, and this is how, with touches of enchanting history, the fame of Caldas da Rainha, and the reason for its name, is presented.

In the magnificent Parque D. Carlos I, in the center of the city, you can discover a romantic garden with the hand of an illustrious Caldense architect, Rodrigo Berquó, responsible for revitalizing the park and creating an artificial lake and tree-lined avenues. Considered one of the richest parks in biodiversity in the country.

After the thermal baths, it is to Ceramics that the city owes its fame. At the Ceramics Museum, housed in a romantic palace from the 19th century, you can discover a collection of pottery from Caldas and other Portuguese and foreign ceramic centers – on a journey through the history of this art that goes from the 18th century to the present day.

One of the reasons for the interest of this museum is related to another illustrious name of the city: here we find a set of works by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.

In the heart of the city, we find Praça da República, also known as Praça da Fruta. With beginnings dating back to the 15th century, this colorful open-air market is the only one in Portugal that takes place on a daily basis.

Returning to gastronomy, it presents two great characteristics. On the one hand, the richness of its confectionery, which includes the conventual influence, of which Trouxas das Caldas are an example, and Cavacas and Beijinhos. On the other hand, the marine richness of its typical dishes, due to the proximity of Lagoa de Óbidos, which can be seen in the stews, eel stew and seafood.

Being able to absorb the splendor of the Portuguese West Coast, and having a revitalizing encounter with the sea is one more reason to extend a visit to Caldas and go to the charming Praia da Foz do Arelho with its imposing Lagoon, its Walkways, or visit some of the biggest dunes in Portugal on the beach of Salir do Porto.

Message from the president of Turismo do Centro de Portugal

It is with the usual enthusiasm and increased satisfaction that Turismo Centro de Portugal welcomes all participants in ART&TUR 2023. Year after year, this festival has consolidated itself as one of the most important on the international scene, attracting the best audiovisual productions of tourism, which is a source of great pride for the largest tourist region in Portugal.

When we receive ART&TUR, we try to make national and international production teams aware of the great diversity of offer available in the territory.

In 2023, the festival’s setting is the magnificent city of Caldas da Rainha, a destination where, once again, visitors will be able to experience the unique and exceptional conditions that the Center of Portugal has for all types of film and television productions.

To the participants from all over the world, I express my wish that they spend unforgettable days in our region – and that they return to their places of origin with new ideas for filming in Central Portugal.

Raul Almeida
President of the Regional Entity of the Turismo do Centro de Portugal


The World’s Best Tourism Film & Travel Video Awards!

International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals

ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival is a member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT, since 2008.

Created in 1989, the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT, brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from four continents at the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative in Travel Video Marketing Industry – the CIFFT Circuit.

In partnership with the endorsers UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), ETC (European Travel Commission), CTO (Caribbean Tourism Organization), and CATA (Centro America Tourism Association), CIFFT works to encourage tourism destinations to achieve excellence in promoting their products, services, and locations using video.

The CIFFT Circuit brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals in a competition in the format of “Championship” or “League” to recognize and reward the best promotional films for tourism destinations, products and services.

It is an excellent opportunity for benchmarking, networking and visibility in the Tourism Industry.

Participants go through festivals on four continents throughout the year. In each stage, the video is evaluated by an international jury that will decide the winners. Awards obtained in the festivals give points to the CIFFT Ranking List. The Ranking will determine at the end of the year the World’s Best Tourism Films in their respective categories.

There are 6 thematic categories available: Tourism Destinations – Cities, Regions and Countries, Tourism Products, Tourism Services and Independent Travel Videos.

The exclusive World’s Best Tourism Film Awards honours the most creative and innovative Travel Videos of the year at a memorable award ceremony in Vienna, Austria. Only the best make it to this final after passing and convincing the judges of the different stages spread across the four continents that make up the CIFFT Circuit. Receiving the most important award in the Travel Video Marketing Industry is synonymous with prestige, recognition and visibility.


Francisco Dias

Francisco Dias

Founder and Director

Mariana Calaça Baptista

Mariana Calaça Baptista

Executive Director

ART&TUR 2023

Caldas da Rainha, 24 – 27 October

Caldas da Rainha is the chosen city to showcase in 2023 the best films from Portugal and around the world.

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