Aveiro, a city reflected in its Art

by Tatiana Silva

The city of Aveiro, also known as the City of Canals, is an integral part of a fascinating history, the History of Portugal.

The region of Aveiro is composed of an indescribable heritage, where through a quiet walking tour, we can appreciate a set of buildings in “Art Nouveau” style, which highlighted the city as a city-museum of Art-Nouveau in the whole country. The museum nucleus tries to demonstrate the aesthetic revolution that the Art Nouveau movement provided, allowing the appreciation of the beauty of the city’s buildings.

During the visit, it is indispensable to go to the current Major Pessoa house, formerly the residence of Mário Belmonte Pessoa’s family, where the façade with its decoration of natural motifs, such as flowers, animals, and the stylized curvatures manifest all the architectural culture of Aveiro.

The municipality is endowed with unique natural beauty, having as its main focus the Ria de Aveiro, where aboard typical boats, such as the Moliceiro boat, it is possible to get to know the local identity of the region, through its channels.

The Beira-Mar district is a place to visit any time of the year. Next to the Canal de São Roque and north of the Canal do Cojô, there is a neighborhood with a past very different from the rest of the city of Aveiro, a place not to be missed. Take the opportunity and discover how the salt workers carry out their tasks in the production and collection of salt, in the past considered one of the scarcest and most precious of products. The Bairro Alboi, considered the quietest and most traditional district in Aveiro and the typical district of Pescadores and Marnotos are also places worth visiting.

Aveiro can offer a wide range of experiences, from activities on land and water, such as water sports, walks in the Ria, and oyster tasting. The region presents several activities for all tastes, such as ceramics and robotics workshops, the virtual geocaching to the Parque Infante D. Pedro, and the guided tour to the Park called “Lugar dos Afetos”. An innovative thematic park, dedicated to emotions and for many who have already visited it, an authentic fairy tale park.

For lovers of Mother Nature, a visit to the Aveiro Footpaths is a must, where you will discover an ecosystem rich in flora and birdlife. Besides the footbridges, the view of the São Jacinto Dunes Nature Reserve is something not to be missed. The Nature Reserve is located on a narrow sandy peninsula, separating it from the salty and brackish waters. Its dune cordon is consolidated by unique vegetation of maritime pines and acacias.

Its Gastronomy is a must for all those who appreciate a good meal. The typical Aveiro style Eel Stew can be enjoyed in any local restaurant. The regional sweets are equally remarkable, especially the traditional Ovos-Moles, with their delicious filling and their shapes that remind the visitor of the Ria and the Sea.

The City of Aveiro, combining its culture with artistic creativity causes a feeling of comfort to all who visit it. Promoting innovation and modernity, not forgetting the importance of the past, nor the need for the future, in this way Aveiro was the chosen destination for Art & Tur 2021.

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