Travel Bloggers will compete for the best post in Médio Tejo

The 15th Edition of the International Tourism Film Festival ART&TUR challenges travel Bloggers to participate in the contest “Blogging Médio Tejo” with their online posts.

Regarding the previous edition’s success (Blogging Aveiro), Centro de Portugal Film commission, in a partnership with Associação de Bloggers de Viagem Portugueses (ABVP), Comunidade Intermunicipal do Médio Tejo and Câmara Municipal de Ourém, offer to all travel bloggers an oportunity to show their works in one of most beautiful and touristic regions of Portugal.

Blogging Médio Tejo will be an important part in the reinforcement of the notoriety of Médio Tejo in the online platforms, as a way to spread many touristic points, and consequently the notoriety of the destination, through its heritage.

The Deadline is open till the 30 of September, and bloggers can participate through the following link:, where there are also the rules.

The Júri is composed by the following members:

– Sandra Costa (editor in revista Fugas);
– Ivete Carneiro (editor in revista Volta ao Mundo);
– Viviane Almeida (PhD in Cultural Studies and a researcher on travel blogs);
– Eunice Lopes (professor of IP Tomar e membro do Júri do Festival ART&TUR);
– Mariana Calaça Baptista (diretor the ART&TUR Festival)

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